Originally from Lincolnshire, England, Dan & Lucy Taylor emigrated to Canada in 2007 and moved to Beaver Lake Homestead in 2015, where they raise their two children, Martha and William.   Their three dogs, Belle, Diddy & Ruby, and two cats, Boo & Mini, complete the family.

Dan comes from a long line of English dairy farmers and has raised his own animals since he was a boy.   He is always keen to adopt traditional methods of animal husbandry with a strong focus on animal welfare.   At Beaver Lake Homestead, we have a small herd of Dexter cattle for both milk and beef and a flock of free range laying hens.   Depending on the time of year, we also raise free range meat chickens and pigs.

Homestead produce - homegrown blackberries

Homestead produce - Organic garden

Homestead livestock farm - Dexter bull













The vegetable garden keeps Dan & Lucy busy from spring to fall.   They were also lucky to inherit some mature fruit bushes and trees from the previous owners, so jam and chutney making is an annual tradition.   In spring 2016, Lucy will be venturing into apiculture with her first bee hives and Martha hopes to get her first horse!


Homestead produce - Organic beans

Homestead produce - Organic apples

Homestead farm livestock - Pasture Pig